About us - Laser game Harlequin Praha 10

Welcome to the latest Lasergame website in Prague.

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Lasergame Harlequin is located in reconstructed premises in the courtyard of Oblouková Street between numbers 6 and 8, in Prague 10, at the Harlequin Praha Billiards Club
In the lower part of the building there is a billiard room where you can find a total of 15 pool tables, pool billiards, snooker, carambola, four table tennis tables, table tennis, table football, darts, laser shooting range. At the bottom is a restaurant for 80 people, every day from 18:00. After Laser game Prague 10 you can use the other areas of Harlequin Prague.

At the top of the building is the Lasergame Harlequin 320 m2 with seating for 50 guests.

You will be able to choose from many activities and spend in our company all day - or more.
At the birthday party for children, we have free bonuses for the celebrities (must be ordered at pavel@halamka.cz !!!!)
1 x ice cream cup for celebrities, 1 x baby champagne for celebrating, borrow free spinning football

Lasergame Harlequin Prague 10 is the first lasergame in Prague 10 and Prague's first lasergame on the southeast side of Prague.